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Women's March on Ithaca '17

Answer the Muse kicks off Women's March on Ithaca

Women Rising!! Humanity Rising!!

For me, this date of January 21, 2017 was an affirmation of all that is good and kind and powerful and true of our humanity. Women are RISING UP and that is inspiring to me. Did you experience the power of PURPOSE and PASSION in your community?

One of the great teachers of our time, Yogi Bhajan said that if we are going to heal the planet, it will be when women come together. Can you feel the movement of the women of the world coming together? Did you see us in over 600 communities worldwide? Did you hear us? I know you did and like me, you felt hope, or inspiration, or love, or a clearer sense of your purpose here on planet earth. Maybe this has been part of the plan all along; that we would discover our PURPOSE during these challenging and transitional times. For the old ways of greed and every man for himself, patriotism, chauvinism and winning vs losing no longer work for us as ideals. We are transforming in our consciousness and in our communities to more collaborative efforts for thriving on planet earth. This looks like respect for self and others, a sense of internationalism, win/win and sister and brotherhood. However, even though these new ideals represent the direction we know we want to go, this transition that we are experiencing can be so unsettling and frightening really. The way I see it, we must realize that our fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of the dark days ahead can take us in literally two different directions. Either we panic and spiral down into depression and helplessness or we consciously make a choice to recognize our fear and use it as a great motivator and do what we must within ourselves to transform our fear and use that energy to activate our strengths in our own hearts, in our families and in our communities.

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